Moose Energy
Energy Project Services

Who are we?

Moose Energy is an independent consultancy and project management company for the energy market. 

Within the company we have always wanted to work at the leading edge of technology. We want to integrate energy solutions to support the green transition, work closely with our customers, drive technology and solve problems. It is our passion to let technology work for us to support a greener future where there are no boundaries limiting business operation or expansion. 

' I always wanted to be at the foreground of technology, but especially through integration of technology: connecting technology and people. Making sure that the different solutions work seamlessly together. This requires an understanding of the different technologies, alignment with different stakeholders and understanding the customer's wishes, which are the three things I enjoy most. If you want to know more I am always available for a cup of coffee or tea to explain how I can support your business' 

Dr. T.A.H Kok

Technical Project Manager

Professional Journey

With a robust educational foundation that includes a double Bachelor's in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, an MSc in Project Management, and a Ph.D. in Automotive Research Engineering, Dirk Kok possesses a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise. This distinct combination has been the driving force behind his successful projects. 

At the heart of Dirk Kok's professional journey lies a passion for sustainable solutions. This is evident from his remarkable background in the electrification of harbor cranes, electrical vehicles, hydrogen vehicles a battery research and various published articles in power and energy management control and optimisation. 

With an in-depth understanding of engineering and project management, Dirk Kok has played pivotal roles in various electrification projects. This encompasses everything from core EV concepts to intricate details of transmissions and vehicular systems.

Beyond the technical realm, Dirk Kok has demonstrated exceptional prowess in project management, especially within the electric vehicle domain. His MSc in Project Management isn't just a testament to his academic endeavors but speaks volumes of his capability to lead, manage, and execute complex projects with precision and finesse.

Origin of the Name
For my Bachelor graduation year I went to study, as part of an exchange program, at the University of Sunderland, UK. Here I fell in love with the game of rugby union, which I played as a student and even now I am coaching at Rugby Club Eindhoven. During my student playing years it was customary that you get a nickname and mine became Moosh after immitating Freddy Mercury singing Bohemian Rhapsody (Scaramouch, scaramouch...). The company name was derived from here, especially since the Moose is related to nature, sturdy, strong but still accessible.